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Hotels are getting ready to re-open

With the governments announcement that Hotels can begin to re-open from the 4th July 2020, work is starting to get busy again.

We will be getting ready to complete a Wireless network installation for a hotel in Hertfordshire that was mid-way through a refurb in the next few days.

Free Wifi

Tomorrow we will begin to power up some systems at another hotel where we manage their infrastructure, ready to bring the network and server estate back online.

Away from hotels we have a group of 10 gyms who want to be able to live stream their classes both inside their gyms and also to the wider public. We are working on integrating into their Signage Live digital signage to make this possible at each of the sites, and link to youtube for live broadcast.

I have responded to an enquiry from a local Swindon school looking to upgrade their existing aging Ruckus Wireless network. Once we have floor plans we can map out existing, and make a proposal for new Access Points. We will also review their switching infrastructure.

The first task for tomorrow will be to open up and retest all the equipment for the managed offices in Leeds, where we have Zoom Rooms conferencing installation to complete.

So, what do you think ?